ESD coatings

ESD coatings

for use in the sectors electronics production EX areas, clean-room technology, medical and laboratory technology

Untreated plastic enclosures offer only little or no protection at all from EMI (Electromagnetic Interferences) and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge).

By applying conductive surfaces on substrates, which must not be electrically charged for reasons of operational safety (electrostatic discharge, sparking), notable improvements can be achieved. ESD coatings actually are high-ohm conducting and differ so from low-ohm EMI coatings.

These antistatic layers are used especially in electronic devices (computer with periphery, medical and technical equipment, measurement and control technology etc.) and in the electronis production as well as in EX-protected zones.

After hardening the lacquer 70011.ESD, which was made for such applications, generates a conductive surface, that is characterized by a high chemical and mechanical resistance. 

Surface resistivity 1 x 10 high 6 Ohm  to 1 x 10 high 8 Ohm
(measurement acc. to DIN 53482/VDE 0303, part 3, electrode array C, at a dry film thickness of 50 µm).


The achieved strength is comparable with the film quality of a resistant baking enamel and is abrasion-resistant, elastic, insensitive to scratching and resistant to solvents, chemicals, synthetic coolants and hydraulic oils.

We offer here possibilities fitting your requirements concerning enclosures, accessories but also decor foils and foil keyboards.

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