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Innovation starts in the head

Since the foundation of the Richard Wöhr GmbH as an industrial paintshop by Richard Wöhr in 1967, companies working in different fields, e. g. electronics, electrical engineering, medical and dental engineering, mechanical and apparatus engineering, as well as metal-, plastic- and cast processing, have relied on our services.

Currently, we have more than 90 employees (September 2021) and we export worldwide.

All departments of our company are working in a goal-oriented way, so that we can optimally utilize the resulting synergy effects. Our quality management system meets the standards of EN ISO 9001 (quality), EN ISO 13485 (medicine) and EN ISO 14001(environment). The innovative ability of our company is reflected in a great number of industrial property rights. To maintain and increase our competitiveness, we continously spend money on the modernization of our production plants.

The production or refinement of your products in our company enables you to do your business more efficiently, as you save the investments for machines, staff and environmental measures. Moreover, your flexibility will improve and, in case of complete orders, the time-consuming coordination of different suppliers will be redundant.

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